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    La Mulâtresse Solitude (1772-19 November 1802), was a slave rebel and heroine of the fight against slavery in Guadeloupe.

    Originally a slave, she was freed by the abolition of slavery in 1794 during the French revolution. When slavery was reintroduced on Guadeloupe by Napoleon in 1802, she joined Louis Delgrès call to fight for her freedom and took part in the Battle of the 18 May 1802.

    She was captured and executed by hanging after being granted to wait out her pregnancy.


    Her story was written by Simone Shawrz-Bart and her husband Andre.

    Now this I want to see made into a movie.

    What a great movie that would be…maybe we need to let Steve McQueen know about this story…he would do it justice…

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    I’ve never been female. But I have been black my whole life. I can perhaps offer some insight from that perspective. There are many similar social issues related to access to equal opportunity that we find in the black community, as well as the community of women in a white male dominate society…

    When I look at — throughout my life — I’ve known that I wanted to do astrophysics since I was 9 years old…I got to see how the world around me reacted to my expressions of these ambitions. All I can say is, the fact that I wanted to be a scientist, an astrophysicist was hands down the path of most resistance through the forces of society.

    Anytime I expressed this interest, teachers would say, ‘Oh, don’t you wanna be an athlete?’ I want to become someone that was outside of the paradigm of expectations of the people in power. Fortunately, my depth of interest of the universe was so deep and so fuel enriched that everyone of these curve balls that I was thrown, and fences built in front of me, and hills that I had to climb, I just reach for more fuel, and I just kept going.

    Now, here I am, one of the most visible scientists in the land, and I wanna look behind me and say, ‘Where are the others who might have been this,’ and they’re not there! …I happened to survive and others did not simply because of forces of society that prevented it at every turn. At every turn.

    …My life experience tells me that when you don’t find blacks, when you don’t find women in the sciences, I know that these forces are real, and I had to survive them in order to get where I am today.

    So before we start talking about genetic differences, you gotta come up with a system where there’s equal opportunity, then we can have that conversation.


    Neil DeGrasse Tyson in response to a question posed by Lawrence Summers, former Treasury Security and Harvard University President

    "What’s up with chicks and science?"

    "Are there genetic differences between men and women? Explain why more men are in science."

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    Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize-winning Colombian novelist, died today. He was 87. http://powells.us/1qQFL4r

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    Here, have some Friesians.

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  5. Driver, lower my tuition please.






    I don’t have enough money for my basic needs. 

    Working 40+ hours just to pay my rent

    Now I don’t even have a single cent

    Tuition is high, I gotta pay for books

    Oh i’m so broke and I don’t wanna look

    I popped open my wallet, no funds to count

    my credit declined and my check just bounced

    Oh, there daddy, daddy betta bring that TAP
    Oh, baby, baby where my FASFA at?

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    Kody (Pretty Boy) Ingham (pictured above) was found hanging from a tree in front of his white girlfriends house on July 15, 2013 (the same night as the George Zimmerman verdict) in Athens, Texas. it was chalked up as a suicide and no investigation ensued, even though two hours prior he called his mother to pick him up from the site he died at. no newspaper article, just a four sentence obituary in the local papers and his family has been trying hard to make any mainstream news channel blow up the story to find the killers.

    Roy Veal was found hanging in Woodville, Mississippi in 2004. he originally lived in Seattle and went to his mother’s home in Woodville to help her fight for the rights to their family land against a white man. Oil had been found underneath the land.

    Roy’s head was covered with a pillow case and burned papers of the documented proof he had to prove his mothers’ ownership were found burned at his feet. He was later found hanging from a tree. His death was ruled a suicide.

    His family is still trying to get attention for the case 

    Reynard Johnson, 17, was found hanging from a tree on his front lawn on June 16, 2000 in Kokomo, Mississippi. His death was ruled a suicide even though the belt around his neck was not his. Authorities said since no hate group left a message by the body, there was nothing to investigate. Family members said the motive was his relationship with a white girl, he was constantly being harassed because of this.



    This stuff still happens guys. Boosting

    This is awful. The fact that this still happens is horrifying.

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  8. what even is my town


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    Him: I don’t date black women. It’s just a preference.

    Me: Based on what?

    Him: Nothing, it’s just how I feel.

    Me: Impossible, deliberate aversions come from somewhere.

    Him: Its just a preference, that’s all.

    Me: No, a preference is preferring broccoli to asparagus. You can say that because asparagus will always taste the same, even when prepared differently.

    Him: And?

    Me: And we’re not always the same at all. There are hundreds of millions of us and we’re each completely different from the next. If an employer said not hiring Black people was a preference would you agree?

    Him: No, but that’s based on stereotypes.

    Me: … And what is yours based on, facts?


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    Oh, bitch. Read down!

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